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BettyAnn / Thursday, April 24 2008 01:40 PM

This pregnancy is going pretty fast - and yet slow. *grin* This little one is due when the wild lilies bloom. Looks like s/he''ll be a gemini, though. . .We''re not doing ''due dates'' as they''re totally wrong. . especially since I already know I''m a slow cooker, and would rather little *Z* arrive when s/he''s ready, not when a date on a calendar hits. :) So we''ll all find out together when this baby is ''due''. :) BettyAnn PS I never realized just how TASTY grapefruit really were til they hit in season here at the store and I bought a bag on a lark. OMG, I don''t think anyone else in the household has a chance to eat them I eat the bagfuls so fast! :)

carol / Thursday, April 24 2008 11:31 AM

wow! Things are moving fast! When is the actual arrival date? I ate tons of grapefruit and watermelon with Kerri! Praying for you!


Lori / Wednesday, April 2 2008 11:13 AM

Hey Betty Ann!!! Sounds exciting!!!! Sounds like all is going well. Hope that everything continues to go well and that you are able to deliver at home. I have run into another woman who also used Kathy Mitchell (is this the right name for the midwife?) and likes her a lot. This other woman had her baby a little over a week ago, at home, and all is well. Will be praying that this will be the same report for you!