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Laura Rutledge / Sunday, September 21 2008 01:29 PM

Betty-Ann.... remember me?! So, oh my gosh, you have another babe, and this time a GIRL! Knock me out with a feather here. Email me with an update (if you have time, lol).. News here too, we had a baby boy on August 28th, will tell you more in the email. SO glad to have found you again :) Take care, Laura, Iain, Morrigan and Gavin

Thomasine Leverock / Monday, August 25 2008 02:20 PM

I am as ususal behind in my mail, did not know about Betany''s acid problem, glad to hear it''s under control. Poor little baby, and they can''t tell us what hurts. Like animals, we have to take them to the doctors to understand what is making them hurt. She is auch a little doll!!!! And I love the way her brothers watch over her!