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Lori / Saturday, September 5 2009 10:58 PM

Yaaay!! Isn''t it great! I know you are so glad!!! One down (almost) and two to go....I wish the twins would get potty-trained soon! Neither are very interested, though I am hoping Harley will be soon as she comes and tells me when she has a BM as she wants changed immediately. Both hide when having a BM. Jesse will just stay in it until you force him to have a diaper change! Boys! :) It will be so freeing when all the diapers are gone! I know from experience~ I know you will be so glad. I am happy for William and mommy! :)

Michelle / Saturday, September 5 2009 03:51 PM

That is great! Gives me hope for my son, Eric, who turned 3 in August. He isn''t very interested in the potty yet but hopefully by 3.5 he will be.