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Lori / Saturday, September 5 2009 10:58 PM

Yaaay!! Isn''t it great! I know you are so glad!!! One down (almost) and two to go....I wish the twins would get potty-trained soon! Neither are very interested, though I am hoping Harley will be soon as she comes and tells me when she has a BM as she wants changed immediately. Both hide when having a BM. Jesse will just stay in it until you force him to have a diaper change! Boys! :) It will be so freeing when all the diapers are gone! I know from experience~ I know you will be so glad. I am happy for William and mommy! :)

Michelle / Saturday, September 5 2009 03:51 PM

That is great! Gives me hope for my son, Eric, who turned 3 in August. He isn''t very interested in the potty yet but hopefully by 3.5 he will be.


Mommy / Friday, September 4 2009 03:30 PM

I must admit apparently this was a one time deal. He''s never pooped in the potty since. :( But someday. . . .

Tiff / Tuesday, July 7 2009 02:33 AM

I''m so longing for that day! Grace is terrified of letting the poo go into that potty! I can''t wait to see her finally do it - on her own too! You must be so proud! What an accomplishment - and a milestone - indeed!


Lori / Wednesday, May 27 2009 01:23 AM

I went through the pics tonight and it looks like you had a blast camping! I also loved the two pics of the trillium (white wild flowers). I have rarely been anywhere where I''ve seen this plant. COOL! I also liked the pics of the kids in the van all packed in! Had fun visiting tonight!

Lori / Monday, May 4 2009 11:32 AM

that''s why that square foot gardening you are doing will come in handy! A few extra potatoes in the pot helps to stretch any meal! then add some fresh sliced tomatoes, some zucchini (if everyone likes it) lettuce, and some peppers to the meal and you have a more well rounded meal that you grew mostly yourself! Almost any veggie can be grilled outdoors (zucchini, eggplant, sweet potatoes, though these last ones don''t grow well here, peppers of all kinds, and even potatoes wrapped in foil with a bit of butter). Your garden will help a lot with your food bill once it begins ot produce~about mid-late July. Lori :)


Meg / Thursday, January 1 2009 04:54 PM

What a delightful family! You are the best mom ever. I love your practical living ideas. I am praying that 2009 brings better health and more help to you Froggy. Your children are adorable. Blessings in 2009!